View Full Version : Xenar coverages?

joe a kras
5-Jul-2007, 20:25
I am confused. :confused: The current listed 12/800 xenar has 400mm coverage at f12 and larger at f22. That much I understand. The older 12/800 posts slightly larger coverage. The prices of the newer lenses is substaintially less than the price of the older lens. The question is if I am shooting shorter than infinity thus requiring long bellows draw will the image circle also increase as it does with non tele lenses? I would like to use this lens for portrait work on 11X14 thus needing 450mm image circle, preferably at the widest aperture. So the real question is will this lens work for portrait, head shoulder, on 11X14 wide open? And will the cheaper newer lens cover this.

Ole Tjugen
6-Jul-2007, 02:31
There is no difference between tele lenses and normal lenses in this respect, the image circle increases just the same.