View Full Version : Where to get lens flanges?

5-Jul-2007, 08:29
I am interested in those lens flanges that you can install semi-permanently on a lens board so that you can move lenses easily between different boards. Standard Copal 0 and copal 1 for now.

What are these things called and where can one get them?

Ernest Purdum
5-Jul-2007, 08:37
Flange is the correct word. You can get them at www.skgrimes.com, but I think also from some of the large NYC mail order stores.

5-Jul-2007, 09:28
Ok, i've located some. Why are they so darned expensive for the standard sizes??

Ernest Purdum
5-Jul-2007, 17:13
Probably because most people want the retaiining rings that go on the back of the lensboard. Jist like in many other fields it's the fast moving items that carry moderate prices.

5-Jul-2007, 17:22
I suppose with metal lens boards the retaining rings make sense. With my wood lens boards the flanges seem to be a lot more convenient.

Ernest Purdum
6-Jul-2007, 06:49
One point you have to watch out for with thick wooden lensboards and lenses with rear cells that are larger than the lensboard opening. Make sure that the rear cell screws in all the way without being stopped by the lensboard. Sometimes the board needs to be opened up with a router to eliminate the problem.