View Full Version : Darkroom Water Stains on B&W Prints

5-Jul-2007, 06:07
Living in the country I am on well water. Recently I am finding after I wash my prints there seems to be a bit of slime or scum on the surface of the prints. I've tried soaking them in distilled water as well as spring water and this helps but does not eliminate the problem. As we speak I am trying a bit of photo-flo in the distilled water.

Any answers or suggestions as to where I may find info about this problem?

Keith Pitman
5-Jul-2007, 09:33
I'm on a well also, although I do not have this problem very often. I take it you are drying your prints unsqueeged and face up. I would try squeege them and dry face down.

Gary Beasley
5-Jul-2007, 13:16
If you can determine if it's a mineral scum or alkaline slime then try soaking in plain salt water for a few minutes to soften the water and dissolve any minerals trying to precipitate. Then go for the distilled rinse to get rid of the salt.

Jim Jones
5-Jul-2007, 17:27
I use dirty, but filtered, well water for prints. Most of the water is removed from the print by drawing it across a towel. It is hung by a clothespin to dry.