View Full Version : Wista lensboard on Tech IV

6-Jul-2000, 01:55
I noticed that the Wista lensboards appear to be the same size and shape as the Linhof (in cataloge pictures) but at one third the price. Do the Wista boards p roperly fit a Tech IV and do they also have the circular light trap that the Lin hof board has? I have made three flat metal boards to match my one official cre sted board, but I worry about light leaks at the bottom as the tollerances are s o close and I can't duplicate the light trap. If Wista actually works I could a fford the three I need. I will miss the crest though. Thanks

6-Jul-2000, 09:30
Yes the Wista boards are a mirror copy of Linhof boards. The Wista crest even looks like Linhof.

QT Luong
7-Jul-2000, 17:24
The fit on a Technika is pretty tight. While in theory they have the same specs, Linhof boards are manufactured to higher standards than Wista boards and are sure to fit. There is some variability in the thickness and dimensions of the Wista boards, and some might not fit your Tech IV. I had to return a Wista board once for that reason. I have another one which fits.

Brian Ellis
8-Jul-2000, 02:21
I have a Wista lens board which I've used on a Technikardan and a Technika V. It fit fine on both cameras.

Bob Finley
11-Jul-2000, 17:36
And the answer is - they work and they don't. I bought two Wista boards for my Tech IV and one fit and one didn't. After careful measurements I found that the square notch at bottom corners was a little deeper on the one that worked. Two or three quick hits with a file and it also fit. I think it was just excess paint in notch.