View Full Version : Jonco FilmRunner processor anyone?

Michal Makowski
3-Jul-2007, 08:36
Anyone tried the Jonco FilmRunner processor? I'm looking processor for my 4x5 slides and I have spotted one in local shop. Looks promising, somewhere between Jobo and Tenetal quality. Anyone else know much about it?

Robert Ley
3-Jul-2007, 10:16
I did a Google search and from what I could find the Jonco Filmrunner will only process 35mm and 120 film. It does not say anything about 4x5. Why not get a Jobo? They are still supported and used machines can still be obtained.

Michal Makowski
3-Jul-2007, 13:00
Salesman said that I can develop 8 sheets of 4x5 in one time. I will make some closer inspection about that.