View Full Version : Light leaks on Polaroid 8x10 holders -- help!

2-Jul-2007, 09:19
I have six fairly new Polaroid 8x10 holders but they all seem to leak light. Using a flashlight into bellows I can see the light leaking out of the slit where the film is held (the slit holding the darkslide is light-tight).

I can even load a holder, shine a flashlight along the side, and fog the film that way.

The holders are in pristine shape and I can't see a thing wrong.. any ideas?


Gene McCluney
2-Jul-2007, 09:35
While there might be a gap when the holder is empty, if you have film in the holder the path for light ot get in should be blocked. A silly question, but you ARE using Polaroid materials in the Polaroid holder aren't you?

Ralph Barker
2-Jul-2007, 10:01
Which type of holder are you using, Mark?

On my 81-06 holders, there are light traps along both sides, and felt traps at the bottom and dark-slide ends. I'm not sure how the older 81-05 holders are constructed.

You might check the long side to see if there is any warpage which might defeat the light traps along that edge.

2-Jul-2007, 10:41
Yes, I am loading the holder with Polaroid film before doing these tests. Like I said, a properly loaded holder + flashlight fogs the film. When I load it into my camera, pull out the slide (until the blue line), and shine a flashlight into the bellows I still see light leakage through where the film is.

Ralph, these are the new holders and appear to be free of warpage..



Ralph Barker
2-Jul-2007, 11:10
Mark, am I correct in assuming the leak is coming from the long side that opens? Or, is the leak at the bottom (the end opposite from the dark slide)?

2-Jul-2007, 13:17
The leak is coming from the side of the holder where you insert the darkslide. If you look at the holder slideways, there are actually two slits -- one for the darkslide and one for the film. The light is leaking in the film one, even when loaded.