View Full Version : N America Rail Trip - One or Two Lenses?

Andre Noble
1-Jul-2007, 20:50
I am taking a trip from Edmonton, East through Canada by VIA rail and down the east coast by Amtrak. Staying mostly in hostels and some B&B's. Interests include: hstoric Architecture/cityscapes, scenics, etc. I like to pack light.

I have three lenses: A nice 90 f.5 SW Nikkor, And two razor sharp ones: The 120SW f8 Nikkor and the 150 Apo Sironar-S. Will be using a Toyo 45AII camera and small gitzo CF tripod..

Should I take just the 120SW and also bring my Nikon 35mm and shoot both 4x5 and 35mm?

Or Should I bring the 90 SW and 150 Apo Sirionar and 'focus' on just 4x5?

Also to any Canadian photographers: I am interested in any 'must see' places. Thanks

Ron Marshall
1-Jul-2007, 20:55
If I was bringing the 4x5 I would bring the 90 and the 150. I would also bring the Nikon. If you get tired walking then public transportation is good in Canada.

Montreal is a beautiful city, founded in 1642. Lots of old buildings and modern architecture.

If you like smoked meat the best in the world is at Schwartz's on Saint Laurent boulevard.