View Full Version : New print of Rudolf Kingslake's History of the Photographic Lens--any good

1-Jul-2007, 19:38
Is the 1989 print of Rudolf Kingslake's History of the Photographic Lens an good?

According to one reviewer on Amazon, it is "a poor quality reproduction, the original plates having been lost by Academic Press."

An comments?

1-Jul-2007, 20:26
The reprint is not great. If you can find the original, by all means get it. However, the reprint is good enough that if it is the only one you can find, you will still be able to use it. It is such a valuable reference book on lenses and lens design that I strongly recommend that you get any copy you can.
Dave B.

2-Jul-2007, 04:45
Dave, the problem is that the reprint is over $70!

Ernest Purdum
2-Jul-2007, 08:36
You might try www.abebooks.com. I've had pretty good luck finding out of print items on their site. $70.00 - Ouch! I'm glad I bought my copy when the originals came out.

2-Jul-2007, 10:25
Despite the publisher's own admission that the graphics are poor quality, the graphics are legible. The whole book looks like a second-generation photocopy but it is quite a bit better than nothing at all.

24-Apr-2014, 01:14
Is this one a poor copy 161174180867 ?

Would like to buy an original.

24-Apr-2014, 02:44
That looks like the early one, I have the reprint and it only has text on the cover (like this (http://www.amazon.co.uk/History-Photographic-Lens-Rudolf-Kingslake/dp/0124086403/ref=la_B001IZ1LM2_1_1/279-2018718-6094827?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398332619&sr=1-1)).

24-Apr-2014, 13:29