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1-Jul-2007, 16:30
For those that are using monorails, I'm hoping to get some advice on additional support braces when using 300mm - 500mm lenses. I have Jack Dykinga's excellent book wherein he recommends the Kirk brace anchored from one of the tripod legs. I called Kirk this week and unfortuately this product has been discontinued since the introduction of the Gimbal head has essentially eliminated the market for additional heavy artiliary support (that and image stabilization of course). Can anyone recommend an alternative product? I'm using an Arca Swiss Field camera and will be adding the Rodenstock 300/5.6 APO Sironar-S and Schneider 400mm Tele-Xenar so I expect this extra support for the back-end on the rail will be crucial.

David A. Goldfarb
1-Jul-2007, 17:00
I suspect it's not necessary, but if you feel that it is, you could use something like a Bogen Magic Arm with the appropriate connectors at each end, or a monopod with a small ballhead for extra support.

Brian Vuillemenot
1-Jul-2007, 17:14
I've used the same 300 Apo Sironar-S lens, as well as a Fujinon 450 C, on my 4X5 Wisner TF with no extra support using a Bogen 3401 head. I've never had any issues with stability, other than in strong wind.

1-Jul-2007, 17:34
Cheers gentlemen. I'll give those lenses a try without an auxiliary brace and if problems arise I will check out the Magic Arm. Seems reasonably priced at B&H and would only require the AS clamp which I could get from either Kirk or RRS.

1-Jul-2007, 20:29
On my Shen Hao 8x10 thread you can find a photo of the magic arm in action. I was able to use it as delivered from B&H without any extra adapters.
Dave B.