View Full Version : Forte Poly Warm tone paper

luis a de santos
30-Jun-2007, 15:11
Could anybody tell me wher can I purchase Forte Poly Warm FB Museum weight Ivory Semi Gloss paper PW17.
I would appreciate any leads.

Thank you very much

Luis a de Santos

Gene McCluney
30-Jun-2007, 18:01
The Forte plant is closed, and all papers and films are discontinued, and there are is little if any inventory left in the pipeline.

Bergger might have some left under their own name, but it would be more expensive.

Andrew O'Neill
30-Jun-2007, 21:09
Eight Elm Photo in Toronto may have some. I get my Forte Polygrade V from them.

Gary L. Quay
1-Jul-2007, 22:25
It's available as a closeout from freestylephoto.biz as "Arista.EDU (Made in Hungary)" paper. It's under the Limited Offers pull-down tab near the top of the page under the heading of "Specials."

That's where I get mine. It's repackaged Forte.