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29-Jun-2007, 12:02
Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to LF photography as well. I have an unmounted Kodak 203mm Anastigmat (not the Ektar version) and was thinking about getting a shutter for it.

I have a speed graphic and can use the focal plane shutter but I would still need to get a shutter flange for the lens, and it would be great to get a flash sync-able shutter too.

Does anyone have one of these? what shutter is it in?


Gene McCluney
29-Jun-2007, 12:22
AFAIK, the Kodak lenses, at least the Ektar versions, used a custom sized shutter opening, rather than a stock Ilex Acme shutter. So an appropriately sized Ilex shutter from another brand of lens elements would not fit the Kodak lenses without custom modification.

CP Goerz
30-Jun-2007, 00:21
You may want to look out for smaller sized supermatic shutters, they didn't make too many different sizes(including barrel mount thread so it shouldn't be too difficult).

CP Goerz

30-Jun-2007, 10:06
What you need is the kodak supermatic or the flash supermatic.The flash super will sync
with with flash when set on F. The two I have do. You will need to use the little bigtail
adapter. These shutters(I think have a 32MM.thread diamiter) Take a look on ebay they
pop up now and then. Your other choice, if you or someone you know has an old 110
Polaroid Pathfinder it should have a Wollensak Rapax shutter with X sync. You'll stil need
the bigtail though. The anastigmat you have if it's the same size as the Ektar and I
think they were will fit the Rapax You will have to make corections for the apreture.
At first galnce the spacing may appear to be short. But, the deep threads on the Kodak
cells make up this. They must because I've used this combination many times and
always got very good results. Never shot chromes though because of the apreture
difference, not as simple to work out as one would think, for B/W fine. Now I"ve got
the correct shutter and see no diffrence.If your anstigmat is one of the latter ones, It may be an Ektar but not marked as such and probably not coated. If so it's a very sharp
lens even wide open.Please keep in mind what I just said is what I think I remember from many years ago and not gospel.
good luck, Joe A

Glenn Thoreson
30-Jun-2007, 11:51
Try to get the thread measurements on a Flash SuperMatic, a SuperMatic X and a Compur of the same thread sizes. These are the shutters you lens likely would have been mounted in when new. Look at the S.K. Grimes site for more information about some of these things. They could give you some expert advice, too.

30-Jun-2007, 14:16
thanks guys! I actually read that this lens should go into a supermatic #2 and bought one off 'ewwbay' its quite a bit bigger that the supermatic #2 and the threads are wider apart.

The supermatic is a nice shutter anyways, even if it doesn't fit.

I guess I need to get a caliper and measure this thing out properly. or call SK Grimes.

Glenn Thoreson
30-Jun-2007, 15:57
Oh, boy. If the lens is bigger than a #2 Supermatic, it may come closer to fitting into a modern shutter. If you ever want to dispose of that #2 shutter, I may be interested. I've got a busted one.