View Full Version : Rapid Rectilinear better with Yellow Filter?

Gene McCluney
28-Jun-2007, 14:04
In general, shooting modern b/w panchromatic films, is a Rapid Rectilinear lens going to produce sharper images shooting with a yellow filter? Or other color? As compared to shooting the lens "naked"?

william linne
28-Jun-2007, 14:05
Shoot with a yellow filter. It will improve contrast and overall sharpness in my experience.


Ole Tjugen
28-Jun-2007, 14:08
Not much. The RR's are actually pretty good, and you'll only get significant chromatic aberration when you use them far outside the intended image circle.

They're not anastigmats, which means they have quite a bit of astigmatism. That doesen't mean they have chromatic aberration...

Glenn Thoreson
28-Jun-2007, 20:01
Any non APO lens only truly focuses two colors at the same distance. The red end of the spectrum is the one that suffers. A yellow filter helps to a degree. Although, when used on a format that fits within the RR sharpness circle, they are exceptionally sharp without filters, a yellow filter certainly won't hurt. I usually use a yellow filter with mine, to cut through high altitude haze, and to bring out the clouds. Experiment a little. You could be surprised.