View Full Version : Agfapan APX 100 and HC110

domenico Foschi
28-Jun-2007, 12:12
I "found" in my freezer 2 25 sheets boxes 4x5 of such film and I wonder if anyone has ever developed it in HC110.
I use regularly this developer in the H dilution, which I like with HP5.
Do you recommend it?
Thank you in advance

Donald Qualls
28-Jun-2007, 19:57
I haven't done APX 100 in HC-110, but I've done some APX 400; I use Dilution F, with three minutes stand time between agitations, and get fine grain, smooth tones, and excellent sharpness. Can't help but think the 100 speed will give more of the same, only better... :)

28-Jun-2007, 20:53
Rodinal or xtol.

28-Jun-2007, 21:01
I live fairly close to you. If you want to sell the film instead of hassling with HC110 I would be glad to buy it from you.
At a fair price of course


Richard Wall
20-Feb-2008, 18:16
I have developed this film in HC-110 Dil-B. I like the contrast achieved with this film and dev combo. I have also developed agfapan 100 in Rodinal (1:100) and Ilford's Microphen (1:1). Goto the massive developing chart for times.
However, I think it will be easier to get usable results with Rodinal (If you can find the original formula). Both the Microphen and HC-110 Dil-B tend to bump up the contrast of the negs (I have not used HC-110 at the dilutions mentioned above).


21-Feb-2008, 03:25
Do you recommend it?

It's just about okay with HC110, but you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference between HC110h, D76, ID11 or any other developer i.e. characterless.

APX100 is designed for Rodinal; sharp high acutance. At times the negative looks sharper than Pan F+ (and in sheet formats, there is no question) because of the high acutance and silver-y toned appearance on fibre papers, yet with the traditional film grain appearance. If you don't like rodinal, then try Neofin Blue or Pyrocatechols for a distinctive look.

Joerg Krusche
21-Feb-2008, 05:11

I have had good results with Xtol 1+1. Do not dilute further, i.e. 1+3, because if you are using a limited volume like on Expert drums you might not have sufficient developing agent .. and thus have undesirable tonality.



Gene McCluney
21-Feb-2008, 06:32
However, I think it will be easier to get usable results with Rodinal (If you can find the original formula).

True Agfa Rodinal is only a phone call (mail order) away. A&O purchased the chemical division of Agfa Germany and continues to make all the classic Agfa photo chemicals.

Joseph O'Neil
22-Feb-2008, 06:29
Ditto on the Rodinal, I found almost all Agfa B&W films seemed to look their best in Rodinal (Scala notwithstanding). However, I did have good results with HC-110, but at weaker solutions than "B".

Also, I personally found - and you milage may vary - that regardless of developer used - knock APX down one stop when shooting it for the best results. The store (now closed) where i used to buy in all formats form 35mm to 4x5 was run by an old German man, who had definte brand loyalty to all things German, be it Leica to Zeiss. Of course whenever I talked to him, Agfa B&W films were always the best, regardless of whatever Ilford or Kodak had out at the time. Btu he himself always tol me "knock it down one stop - that's the secret - knock it down one stop, and nothing else will ever look as good."