View Full Version : need a wa retrofocus or short rear barrel 6x6

26-Jun-2007, 13:08
I'm in search of a wide angle lens for my digital slr/LF project. I have a toyo rear standard with my Sigma SD14 mounted and a horizontal rail underneath to give xy stitching. With my 44mm lens tunnel on the slr and a rather narrow throat I can only get a 6x6 image which is about 15 shots on my sigma.

I have both 100mm f2.8 and 135mm f3.5 xenotars in a 16 blade barrel (one barrel for both lenses) currently but am looking for something in the 60mm range for a wider angle.

Most of the traditional LF wa lenses rear element to flange distance is too long to attain infinity focus so I either need something with a short rear element, an enlarging lens that covers 6x6 or a retrofocal wa lens that covers 6x6. I had an 80mm f2.8 planar before that I could just barely get to infinity but that was on a different standard. My current standard allows me to get the lens within 50-55 mm of the sensor.

Given all these restrictions does anyone have a solution. I think the rodagon wa 60mm would work but they are scarce used and I can't afford a new one.



26-Jun-2007, 13:11
Mamiya 645 lens maybe ?