View Full Version : Shneider Xenotar and Linhof Weit Technikon

janez pelko
3-Jul-2000, 04:52

I was offered two lenses for my Technika 6x9: - Schneider Xenotar 2.8/100 No. 12856729 (1974?) - Linhof Weit Technikon 5.6/58 No. 6038909 I don't know nothing about these lenses and I am especially interested in image circles and prices. Is 300 US$ too much for each one? They are both mounted on l ensboards and in good condition. I intend to use Xenotar for table top and Techn ikon for architecture photography. I currently use old Schneiders 6.8/65 and 3.5 /105 (produced about 1958) and I don't know if "new" lenses would be much better . Any advice would be very welcome. Thank you!

3-Jul-2000, 10:02
The Xenotar is one of the sharpest lenses ever sold for medium format, but it has very little coverage beyond the 6x9 frame, and thus isn't really suitable for anything requiring movements. It's a great lens, but $300 seems high to me.

N Dhananjay
3-Jul-2000, 11:44
If its close ups you'ree interested in, the image circles will get larger when you focus closer. Have you considered using your enlarging lens for doing close-ups? Good luck. DJ

Nelson David Blocher
13-Dec-2000, 15:09
Probably too late to do any good, but the 58mm f5.6 Weitwinkel (wide angle) is a Rodenstock Grandagon, but of earlier vintage than the current f4.5 series. Will almost cover 9x12cm so it will allow some movement but not much. Same lens formula as the 58mm f5.6 for the Graflex XL and the LInhof Wide Angle Technikon.

regards Dave Blocher