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Former Member 8144
25-Jun-2007, 08:12

I am trying to gauge any differences between the two schneider super wide lenses:
The 47mm xl and the 58mm xl.

Apart from the obvious focal length differences the weight, filter size, image circle both seem to be the same.
The 47xl does have its own centre filter but also seems able to take the same as the 58 / 80 / 110xl. (IIIb)

Are there any differences in terms of sharpness or amount of distortion that would lead to one being chosen over the other where either focal length would be fine.



Don Hutton
25-Jun-2007, 08:38
I've owned both. My personal view is that the 47 is a better lens - a little more snap and it is also quite significantly wider. My 47 is definitely sharper than my 58 was - not a whole lot, but it's there, paticularly towards the edges. I finally bought a 47mm because I figured that if you needed a 58mm on 4x5, you probably wanted something even wider if it were available. You can always crop a little if it's too wide. I use my 47 with a 3b CF and I am very satisfied with the results.

neil poulsen
25-Jun-2007, 08:39
The 47mm XL has a 120 deg. image circle, whereas the 58mm XL has a 110 deg. image circle. This gives them the same dimensional image circle of 166mm. That's pretty incredible, given the difference in focal lengths.

It would be nice if the 58mm had a 120mm image circle.

Former Member 8144
25-Jun-2007, 08:49
Thanks guys.

Yes this lens is not for everyday shooting...just those really tight interiors / exteriors or those once in a blue moon landscapes that just need that sweeping view.

Good to hear about the centre filter IIIb working fine and very nice to hear about the extra bit of sharpness at the edges.


David A. Goldfarb
25-Jun-2007, 09:18
If you're an APUG subscriber, check out this gallery--


There seem to be a lot of images made with both of these lenses there.

Brian Ellis
25-Jun-2007, 10:02
You can include more of your feet in the photograph with the 47mm.

Scott Rosenberg
25-Jun-2007, 14:53
i've had both... schneider 47-xl, linhof select 58-xl. i found the 58-xl to be slightly sharper. i also found the 47 to be r-e-a-l-l-y wide... wider than i thought I’d ever need (don't shoot interiors). i kept the 58 and don't use it all that much. It’s an excellent lens, I just don’t need the focal length all that often.

Armin Seeholzer
25-Jun-2007, 15:19
My 47 XL is also a tiny bit sharper then my also very lovely 55 mm Apo Grandagon and the 47mm has more coverage!

John Brady
25-Jun-2007, 16:16
If you're an APUG subscriber, check out this gallery--


There seem to be a lot of images made with both of these lenses there.

Hey, that's my gallery! Thanks for noticing, I own both the 47xl and the 58xl but it was not my original intention. I had the 47xl first but it had a problem with the allignment of the elements so it had to go back to the factory for a repair. Everything I shoot is super wide so instead of buying a duplicate 47 I picked up the 58xl to hold me over. I have been very pleased with this lens. The image circle still allows a fair amount of movement on 4x5. I use the 47xl on a recessed board and the 58 on a flat board on my ebony 45su. The more I have worked with it the more I like it.

I still prefer my 47 but the 58 is a very fine lens. I also have the 72xl and you can see examples of all three of these lenses on my web site.

17-Jul-2011, 12:07
Sorry to bump a really old thread, but...

I find myself in possession of both of these fine lenses. I very much like the results from my 58mm but I love the super-wide view with the 47mm. It's also just as sharp I'd say.

But surely I shouldn't keep both. I guess I should sell the 58mm. Is there any good reason I should keep it though?

17-Jul-2011, 12:45
Yes, keep it so you can sell me the 47XL.
(just kidding, I hope, though in a moment of madness....)

17-Jul-2011, 13:09
Haha...unfortunately I definitely won't be selling the 47mm :p

Don Dudenbostel
19-Jul-2011, 19:10
I purchased both to use with a MF digital back but have shot 4x5 with them. I think both are about equal. I wound up with both center filters and only use them when shooting film. I agree the 47 is noticably wider than the 58.