View Full Version : wollensak tele optar 10"/25cm for 4x5?

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
25-Jun-2007, 07:54
Does anyone know if a Wollensak Graflex Tele Optar 10"/25cm f5.6 in barrel actually covers 4x5?

Dan Fromm
25-Jun-2007, 09:43
Well, Graflex recommended it for 2x3, 3x4, and 4x5 Graphics.

25-Jun-2007, 09:49
It will actually cover 5x7. Mine is a wonderfully sharp lens, with a cam for TRF Crown, and only requires about a inch more extension than the standard 135mm Xenar. A jewell!

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
25-Jun-2007, 09:56
Aha, thanks for the information!