View Full Version : Tripod Head for 8x10 calumet

Emile J Schwarz
29-Jun-2000, 13:03
Thanks for the info on paper negatives.

Next question. I recently bought a 8x10 Calumet Csomething (green). I've current ly have two tripods, a Bogen 3020 and a 3050. I have in the past used Bogen's 30 47 head, but it tends to creep when used with a mamiya twin lens. The 3050 tripo d looks stout enough to work with the Calumet. Any suggestions on tripod heads?

The basic use I have planed for the camera for shooting local scenics, buildings , etc. Maybe a couple family photos if i can get the kids to stay still.


bill zelinski
29-Jun-2000, 14:59
I highly reccomend the Ries head for LF.

Ellis Vener
29-Jun-2000, 20:51
my recommendation for the green monster is either the Gizo 1570, the Reis head o r the Arca Swiss B2 head. If you don't mind the weight a geared head from Majestic with a 6" x 7" platform is ideal.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
30-Jun-2000, 01:31
If you look hard, you can find a geared Majestic cheaply. I paid all of $20.00 for mine - On Ebay. I'm not kidding. It was made in 1946 but it is definatley up to the 14 - 18 lbs of the Calumet. Have you weighed your camera yet? If it's 14 lbs it's magnesium, if 18, it's aluminum.

I have a Ries Photoplane now and although I like it very much, if I had the aluminum Calumet, I'd want the Majestic.

John H. Henderson
30-Jun-2000, 12:09
What do you mean by the 3047 "creeps?" I use a 3047 with all my cameras including a Mamiya TLR and Toyo 45A. The 3047 doesn't even know the Mamiya is sitting on it, it's so light and the head is so strong!

Bill Smith
2-Jul-2000, 22:30
The Reis 2-way tilt head and the Arca Swiss B2 are the only heads to buy.