View Full Version : bulb for laborator 54 ???

Van Gelder Patrick
20-Sep-2000, 14:55
Hello , i'm searching for a bulb for a durst laborator 54 enlarger . i've sended an email to durst and the response was that the bulb is no longer bu ild . Well , the lamp i used was an osram type 58....E 500W-220V (this is normal ly to much , 150-200W is recomended). I found on the internet some bulbs for a durst 54 but they were all 110V ??

Can I use another type of bulb ?

Please , all help is welcome ...


Kevin Kemner
20-Sep-2000, 21:18

I just checked a couple websites that list what bulbs per enlarger and the lamp listed for a Laborator 54 was a ph211 or a ph212. Both are available at B&H Photo. I probably duplicated your efforts but thats my 2 cents worth.


Kevin Kemner
20-Sep-2000, 21:25

Give this page a try too.



Charlie Stracl
21-Sep-2000, 19:31
I don't know what specific bulb is required, but if the unit runs directly off line voltage, then the voltage of the bulb should match the line. That is, in the USA, 110, 115, 117, or 120 Volts. These are all the same voltage.

If the enlarger has a self contained power supply, then you need to match the voltage of the original bulb. This seems very unlikely with a 220 Volt rating, since its easier and cheaper to design for lower voltages.