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Delfino L. Tiongco
23-Jun-2007, 09:53
Hi everybody.

I have been in interested in photography since I was ten. Being a native of the Philippines, I was not able to afford to buy a camera until I entered college and my dear mom loaned me some hard earned money to buy a Nikon F.

To compensate for not having an actual camera, I wrote for manuals on products that interest me. I had Nikon F, Hasselblad, Leica, and Linhof manuals. I read all the vintage photography books available in our limited hometown library. Before I graduated from high school, I pretty much understand Adams Zone system.

I retired from the navy in 1998. I finally started buying large format equipment. Then digital photography got in the way. For awhile, it was very promising. The only drawback is that as soon as I buy equipment, it is already obsolete! My wife has a negative taken in 1946 and I can make a good print with my present analog equipment, a D2 enlarger. I wonder if my wife original jpg file was in a 5 /14 floppy disk!

I guess when the digital domain finally takes over. Large format photographers will be going back to just like the pioneer photographers mixing chemicals and contact printing prints. No 16 Photoshop layers to make one decent photograph.

My day job is in IT. I am a security network engineer, so technology does not intimidate me.

Personally, I prefer burning and dodging than layers.


Delfino L Tiongco

Ole Tjugen
23-Jun-2007, 10:37
Some of us do mix chemicals, and make contact prints on home-made emulsions.

Some of us (sometimes the same people) scan the negatives and print on inkjets, too.

But it's a lot of fun working with "obsolete" equipment - especially if the resulting prints are better than anything possible with the latest software!

John Kasaian
23-Jun-2007, 13:06
Hello & welcome from "sunny 16" California!