View Full Version : Fuji Bromide Rembrandt Paper

20-Jun-2007, 14:21
I know this paper was just discontinued but I am wondering if anyone has every tried it and if so, tell me about it.

Dirk Rösler
20-Jun-2007, 18:08
Who said it was discontinued? Only some grades were AFAIK. It comes in two different default grades, if no filters are used; one of them was discontinued. Unless there is something I don't know.

Also, the spelling is Rembrant :)

20-Jun-2007, 18:12
which one was discontinued?

Dirk Rösler
20-Jun-2007, 18:49
Not sure, but it you use gradation filters, it does not matter.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Jun-2007, 21:10
gradation filters??

Dirk Rösler
20-Jun-2007, 22:39
Variocontrast filters, multigrade filters... the thingies that change paper grade.

The papers are VC, but without filter have a certain default grade, either 2 or 3. One of those default grades was withdrawn. Hope this clarifies.