View Full Version : Usage of compound shutters

Duane Polcou
20-Jun-2007, 14:10

Is firing a compound shutter the same procedure as firing a copal type shutter?
SK Grimes site has info on its' care, but I could find no real instructions on usage.
Specifically, will they accept standard tapered cable releases or does that air piston cylinder thing require a different cable and set of steps to make it work?

Just thinking of buying a lens which has one and want to know what to expect.

David A. Goldfarb
20-Jun-2007, 14:16
They accept a regular cable release, not an air release, as long as the cable release socket isn't missing (a common problem, but also easily fixed). The piston regulates the shutter speed.

The main thing to remember with these is that you don't need to cock the shutter on B or T, and if you do, you'll damage the shutter. You only cock the shutter to use timed shutter speeds.