View Full Version : sealing light leaks in an arca swiss spring back

martin moss
28-Jun-2000, 20:23
I have an arca swiss pro III 5x4 view camera. Unfortunately, there is a slight l ight leak in the spring back as the foam seal has been indented over the years b y a flange on the dark slides. Does anyone know of an effective material I can u se to replace the seal?

Doug Paramore
28-Jun-2000, 21:47
Martin: Go down to the bottom of this discussion group to the threads and look under camera problems. There are several suggestions there that might help you. Doug.

martin moss
2-Jul-2000, 15:03
My greatful thanks to Doug and Mary, I did try to send a personal e- mail but it would not deliver. I have looked through the suggested threads but have not yet found an answer. I imagine that professional camera repairers must have a specific material they would use to produce a light tight seal.

Doug Paramore
3-Jul-2000, 10:20
Martin, I thought you might find the seal source listed there. Try contacting HP Marketing. Bob Soloman wrote awhile back that the material for making seals for Linhof backs was available there from the service dept. The seals shouldn't be all that different. Also, I have found seal material at Lowe's Homecenter that ought to work.