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Matthew Phillips
2-Jul-1998, 16:19
I currently use a Toko field camera, a nice wooden model that has 16" non-interc hangeable bellows and focusing front and rear standards. While this camera can b e fitted with lenses as short as 65mm (without setting the standards out of para llel), the bellows are compressed so that movements are very restricted. When us ing a 90mm with 4x5, or even a 100mm with a roll film back, I find that extreme rise or fall will pull the standards out of parrallel; the range of usable movem ents take advantage of a relatively small portion of the lens'image circle.

Can someone recommend some options for a good field camera that accepts a bag be llows and doesn't require that the front standard be tilted back (ala the Wisner s) when using short focal length lenses? The back should allow a Toyo Universal roll film holder (about an inch thick) to be slipped between the frame and the g roundglass.

I'm also considering an Ebony Wide to use as a dedicated wide-angle/rollfilm cam era. Does anyone have experience with this model?

Many thanks,


Ellis Vener
2-Jul-1998, 20:02
I suggest the Canham DLC, no problems with using my 65mm f/4.5 Grandagon with fu ll movements to beyond the len's image circle and no need for bag bellows either . (according to the specs this would also hold true for a lens as short as the S uper Angulon 58mmXL). check the comments about the Canham elsewhere on this home page but ignore comments aboutthe Toyo/Linhof adapter. I use the new Canham/Tech nika adapter, it works fine. Otherwise checkout the ARCA F series of cameras an d the Linhof Technikarden. Ellis Vener