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pim van der maden
18-Jun-2007, 12:12

I have bought a Polaroid Processor with a 81-05 holder.
I downloaded the manual from the Polaroid website, but there's nothing about the 81-05 Holder.
Can someone tell me where I can find the proper manual??


Walter Calahan
18-Jun-2007, 15:01
The manuel shows the 81-06 film holder. I've never used the 81-05 holder. How different does it look from the 06 model?


Ralph Barker
18-Jun-2007, 19:33
The primary difference between the original 81-05 and the later 81-06 is that the 81-05 doesn't require a "loading tray" in the processor, while the 81-06 does. There may also be a difference in loading, but I don't recall (all of mine are 81-06s). Some of the 81-05s had reliability problems, which prompted the change in design, while others don't seem to suffer from that problem.

Thus, if you listen to the instructions for the 81-06 loosely, eliminating the loading tray aspect, you might be OK. It would be good to hear from 81-05 users, however.

Will Thompson
18-Jun-2007, 21:46
Copy and print out this page.

How To Load the Polaroid 81-05 8x10 Film Holder (http://hastiestudio.com/polaroid/8105/index.htm)

When I asked a seller on eBay how to load a Polaroid 81-05 holder this is what I got from them.

Between reading the newer processor manual and this page it will seem easy.

pim van der maden
19-Jun-2007, 02:51
thank you all for your reply's.
let you know when my first pictures with this equipment will be on my website

Pim van der Maden.