View Full Version : Schneider Componar 4.5/75

janez pelko
18-Sep-2000, 09:00
I found this lens in Prontor-Press shutter, serial No. abot 10 700 000. I know o nly the age of lens and I want to know some other details, especially image circ le and general purpose. Is this macro lens, since it has similair name to enlarg ing lenses? I never heard before for Componar lenses and I also cannot find any information on Schneider Optics homepage.


Michael S. Briggs
18-Sep-2000, 20:29
"Componar" was the name Schneider used for their series of budget enlarging lenses. With Schneider enlarging lenses, one must pay very close attention to the vowels and ending letter: Componar = 3 elements in 3 groups, Comparon = 4 elements in 3 groups, Componon = 6 elements in 4 groups.

For enlarging, I would stay away from 3 element lenses. Four elements is borderline and excellent quality is 6 elements.

In the past it seems to have been more common to mount enlarging lenses in shutters, probably for use as a Macro lenses. As an enlarging lens, the 75 mm focal length was probably intended for 6x6 cm negatives. As a taking lens, focused on a distant object (NOT the intended use), your lens probably won't cover 4x5. If you focus on a close enough object, it probably will cover 4x5. You will just have to experiment.

The Schneider serial number table (http://www.schneideroptics.com/large/serial.htm) indicates that the lens was made in about 1968. A later brochure that I have (probably 1980s), lists the 75 mm f4 Componar-C as an enlarging lens for 6x6 cm negatives.