View Full Version : Problem Swapping Shutters

Mark Stahlke
17-Jun-2007, 14:03
I have a 75/4.5 Caltar II-N in a chrome ringed Copal 0 shutter. I'm trying to replace the shutter with a newer all black Copal 0 shutter. The front element will not screw into the new shutter. There is a shoulder on the lens cell that hits a bezel on the shutter before the threads engage.

Are these shutters not interchangeable? Am I missing something here?


Jim Rice
17-Jun-2007, 14:25
The bezel can be removed.

Gene McCluney
17-Jun-2007, 14:33
A Copal 0 should be a Copal 0. If there is a bezel, it was added to enhance the overall look of a specific lens that was originally mounted in this shutter. You should be able to remove the bezel.

Why not just clean up the original shutter...they seldom wear out, just get dirty.

Mark Stahlke
17-Jun-2007, 19:42
That pesky bezel popped right out and now I can screw in the front element. Thanks for the info.

Gene, the reason for swapping shutters is so I can continue using the lens while I have the original shutter serviced.


Jim Rice
18-Jun-2007, 15:50
Actually the bezel comes with new Copal 0s.