View Full Version : F1 or F2

16-Jun-2007, 21:36
Which would you choose?

4X5 SINAR F1 WITH CHROME RAIL in EX condition for $339
4X5 SINAR F2 WITH METERING BACK in BGN condition for $379-$339

Please this is about you! I wanna know what you all would choose. Please don't ask me what I shoot or please don't lecture me on books to read or seminars to attend or magazine subscriptions. I just wanna know what you would choos and why.

Ron Marshall
16-Jun-2007, 22:19
If this is sold by KEH, their bargain condition is usually fine. In that case I would prefer the F2 to the F1, since the front standard on the F2 is stronger and less likely to break.

If this is sold by KEH, their return policy is excellent and you can return it if it is not in good enough condition.

Armin Seeholzer
17-Jun-2007, 01:44
I would take the F1 because I have one and its just okay if you never use a hammer for the front standard. The F1 can later also be used with the frontstandard as a lens shade very smooth and easely!
Take the one which is it better shape, Armin

Ted Harris
17-Jun-2007, 04:29
You've been asking variations of the same question for nine months. You should really look into renting some equipment for a day or a week and then see if you can better frame what you are after. Alternatively, just hold your nose and jump in. Most LF gear holds it s vale very well and you will lose little of your initial purchase price if you decide to make changes.

David A. Goldfarb
17-Jun-2007, 04:41
If the problems with the F2 are cosmetic or are simple repairs like bubble levels or nylon gear tracks that need replacement, then I'd take the F2 at that price. Unless the earlier camera has had recent authorized service (or service from a competent outfit that specializes in these cameras like Precision Camera Works), the later camera will have newer parts and is likely to be in better condition where it counts. Front geared focusing on the F2 is a plus. The sturdier front standard clamp on the F2 is a plus if you generally handle cameras like a gorilla and feel you are likely to overtighten the front clamp on the F1.

justin mueller
17-Jun-2007, 10:31
I'd skip both (if your planning on taking it out of a studio environment), i've found the F sinars to be fragile, don't pack down easily to a small size, are heavy and have too much platic bits in their construction. All the modular stuff is fine but each bit adds to size and weight.

17-Jun-2007, 10:44
F2. I have recently bought an F1. Which broke very quickly on the front standard. The F2 seems to be a much more hardy affair.