View Full Version : Any suggestion for Coyote buttes North.

14-Jun-2007, 17:53
Just won a lottery today. I wouldn't take my full gear there tomorrow. I will bring a tripod, 3lbs 4X5 camera, 1 or 2 lens. D200+18-70. Quickloads, loupe, and dark clothes. Any suggestion which lens to bring with me? 75, 90, 110, 210, or 300? It is so hot here in Page.

Alan Davenport
15-Jun-2007, 09:45
It won't really make any difference which lenses you take; once there, you'll wish you had one that you left behind! (Given your list, I'd take the 75 and 210.)

Congrats on your good luck in the draw, and don't forget to share some photos with the less fortunate...

15-Jun-2007, 19:09
In fact, there are 20 walk in permits per day, this month, due to a computer systerm crash in Feb. There are 24 ppls showed up yesterday, 4 of them didn't get the permits, but they got them today, only 18 showed up today. But the desert is so hot. It is 103 degree under shade today. But there are no shade on the way. Anyway, the wave is beautiful. You have to be there to see that. Better than the photos.

Antelope caynon, Horseshoe bend, The wave, are the wonderful places around Page, AZ. But the local Navajo people really took the fun of photography away from me. follow the guided tour, the guide will point at the point and tell ppl to shoot here and shoot there. On the good side, guides will ask ppl to turn off their flash.