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Don Wallace
13-Jun-2007, 06:09
I have been looking around for a good supplier of paper and film in Canada. I would like to try things like Kentmere and others, but I can't seem to find anyone who has them. Henry's has Kentmere, but only RC. 8 Elm seems to have a narrow range of products (although I am keen to try Bergger).

Any suggestions? If not, have folks been paying duty for US mail order of film and paper? Who has the best shipping rates?

Walter Foscari
13-Jun-2007, 06:50
Mail order from: http://www.freestylephoto.biz/
No duty, just pst/gst (sometimes not even that).
Make sure you choose post office service not UPS or Fedex or the brokerage fees will kill you.

Andrew O'Neill
13-Jun-2007, 07:35
Rob Skeoch of bigcameraworkshop in Ontario supplies lots of film and paper. He carries Kentmere papers as well. There is also Eight Elm Photo in Toronto, and the Camera Store in Calgary. Beau Photo is another good store in Vancouver.

Andrew O'Neill
13-Jun-2007, 07:36
Keep the loonie in Canada!

Dave Aharonian
13-Jun-2007, 08:29
I second the vote for Rob Skeoch at bigcameraworkshops in Ontario. He has a very good supply of film and paper and ships very promptly. As a bonus his prices are good too. If you do have to ship from the USA I've done so and never had to pay duty - just the pst and gst.

13-Jun-2007, 09:35
The problem with paper is it's heavy. If you mail order it you're basically stuck with ground services or you'll pay more in shipping then the truck bringing it is worth. Which creates a new problem. Ground service from UPS and to a less extend FedEx gouge people with a crazy brokerage fee.

So if you mail order from the US then pick a supplier that ships US Postal Service. Then you can avoid the brokerage fee. But you can end up waiting 2 weeks some times more.

Colour film is easier because you can just order from B&H. They have some sort of deal and UPS 2nd day service [not ground] is often cheaper then the slow pony from the post office. No brokerage fee. Just the taxes.

Ron Bose
13-Jun-2007, 10:00
Rob Skeoch is an excellent guy and very good to deal with ...

He was out this weekend at the Burlington Art Fair with his 8x10 Ebony on a Berlebach Tripod. I gave him crap for leaving the camera in the sun LOL ...

Don Wallace
13-Jun-2007, 10:26
Keep the loonie in Canada!

Andrew, which loonie do you mean, me or you? Should I cancel my out-of-country vacation? :D

But seriously folks .... Thanks for the recommendation of Big Camera. It looks like they have just want I want. I am about to make an order.

Robert Skeoch
19-Jun-2007, 16:50
I do have a fairly good selection of Kentmere Fiber papers in stock as well as trusty old Ilford Galerie in the larger sizes.

I just got stock this week of IR film in 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 as well. I hope to try some of this myself.