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joe a kras
12-Jun-2007, 22:19
I found 11X14 provia listed as a stock item for fuji but not imported to the usa. I spoke with Jim of midwest photo and his resources have told him that it could be obtained but only in a large order. $10,000.00. :eek: I gather the cost of this is on the order of $20.00 per sheet or $200.00 per box. I don't think I can use this much by myself. I was wondering if anyone else may be interested in purchasing some of this film. I don't know if the new velvia will be available in this format but can check. If you don't develope this yourself Nardulli in Los angeles will process 11X14 color. Just post on here to see what kind of responce and whether I should persue this purchase.
Joe A. Kras

Miguel Curbelo
13-Jun-2007, 01:35
I might be interested, depending upon final cost...:o

Dirk Rösler
13-Jun-2007, 05:52
Hi, where did you find this listed as a stock item? Do you have references? I may be able to help you with a smaller quantity from Japan, but I need some more info.

Actually, just checking the data sheet and it is indeed listed as 11x14:


RVP50 sheet does not show such a list item, nor does 100F.

Let me make some inquiries and get back to you, although be warned: slide film is not cheap in Japan.


Gene McCluney
20-Jun-2007, 01:10
While I can certainly understand ULF b/w, and I have an 11x14 camera myself, and I have shot 11x14 transparencies for catalog years ago, I fail to understand the desire to shoot larger than 8x10 transparencies nowdays. The issue is how are you going to display the image. Build a light-box? No economical scanner that I am aware of will scan larger than about 8x10. The number of labs that could make a print from your llx14 can probably be numbered on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps you are going to do Ilfochromes by contact? Please don't take offense, I am a profesional photographer of 30 years experience, and I am scratching my head.

Dirk Rösler
20-Jun-2007, 18:11
As promised, I checked with Fuji Japan on this yesterday. The film is available, with the following caveats: Minimum order 50 boxes (10 sheets) and lead time 3 months.

I suppose this is the same what was told to the original poster above ($10K etc.), because the price is roughly the same.