View Full Version : Speed Graphic Pacemaker Cable release

12-Jun-2007, 17:23
Does anyone know where I can get the bit that goes onto the front release cable to connect with the shutter release on the lens panel?

I would love to use the side release all the time.


Dan Fromm
13-Jun-2007, 05:46
Go to www.graflex.org and search for "Fred Lustig". Or look in the Reno, NV telephone directory. Fred in Reno, NV, is a highly experienced specialist in reparing Graflex cameras (including Graphics) and has an enormous stock of parts. Be warned, he'd rather repair your camera himself than sell you parts.

Fred does not have a web presence and does not give out his e-mail address. You'll have to contact him by phone or by mail.

If that fails, your best chances are finding a junker that has the part(s) or someone who has a junker ...

Good luck, have fun,