View Full Version : Calumet Shutter Tester Manual: free download

Ken Lee
12-Jun-2007, 07:23
I have placed a facsimile of the 12-page manual for the Calumet Shutter Tester (http://www.calumetphoto.com/item/AA8075/) on the following web page:


A facsimile of the manual is now available for free download. In good faith, I trust that Calumet will appreciate an increased interest in, and sales of, their wonderful tester.

You can view each page separately, and/or download a compressed file which contains all 12 pages. Files are available in ZIP, SIT, and TAR formats, for Windows, OS X, and Unix platforms.

If anyone wants to glue the 12 separate pages together and place them in one .PDF document, they are certainly free to do so, and it would be a welcome contribution to the community.

Thanks to Peter Lewitt for providing a copy of the original.

John Hannon
12-Jun-2007, 13:08
Thanks for posting this Ken. It's nice to have the manual.


Paul Ewins
12-Jun-2007, 17:22
Brilliant! Thanks so much for that.