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11-Jun-2007, 12:26
In my quest to corner the market on 30 year old Fuji lenses [okay it only feels that way] I'm picking up a 300mm W. Now I've got some questions.

1) Fuji never made a NW version of this focal length? For that matter of the 360mm either. So if it's labeled W it's a W no matter the coating?

2) Fuji claims 80 degrees for this. But only 420mm of coverage. :confused: I've found some claims the 80degrees is wrong. But does it make sense that only these two focal lengths have less coverage? I know my 150mm and 210mm W both cover at least 80degrees. All I can think of is the shutter might limit things but at F/22 and smaller is the shutter even an issue? In the rec large format newsgroup I found a reference from Sandy King mentioning his 360mm covers 600mm+

Now the real question. If I get crazy and buy an 11x14 any chance this lens covers? 80 degrees would mean 500+mm image circle. Or did I buy a 3lb lens for no good reason? :eek:

Gene McCluney
11-Jun-2007, 14:38
It will probably cover 11x14 if you don't want much room (wiggle room) for movements. My Nikkor 300 f5.6 w covers, just.

11-Jun-2007, 15:13
Does your lens have lettering inside?

If it does, you bought older single coated Fujinon 300W (I have one and I love it). I use it on 8x10 with plenty of movements. Declared image circle for this one is 468mm and angle of coverage is 76 degrees Aperture is set to F22. If you stop it down even more, you would get even bigger image circle...

Newer one, double coated one (lettering outside) has image circle of 420 mm and 70 degress view angle, again at F22.


11-Jun-2007, 15:18
It's being shipped at the moment so I'm not sure.

If the only change they made was add coating why did the coverage change?


The EBC coated model still claimed 80degrees in this catalog.

11-Jun-2007, 15:47
OK Fuji 300mm guys, I have a Fujinon S 5.6 300mm in a copal 3 shutter that takes 82mm filters.

It covers 4x5 fine, what else will it cover? I've not seen a S before, where does it fit in the Fuji line?



11-Jun-2007, 15:58
The only thing that comes close is the barrel mounted F/4.5. Maybe it was mounted and F/5.6 is all the shutter could manage?

11-Jun-2007, 15:59

11-Jun-2007, 16:07
Maybe, but the inside ring says 5.6. I wouldn't think they would make up a separate ring just because it was mounted in shutter.

Anyway, thanks for info on the site.


13-Jun-2007, 09:17
So FedEx was kind of enough to deliver.:rolleyes: It's got the lettering in the first model spot so I guess no worries about coverage. Got to love KEH. Bargain grade and the only thing I can find wrong is the paint on the barrel is worn. Worn on the spots the lens caps slide on/off :D