View Full Version : Ilford HP-5 Mis-Boxed

Frank Petronio
10-Jun-2007, 22:39
So I finally saw something new. Two hundred-sheet boxes of Ilford HP-5 I got were boxed so that that smallest inner box was set into the the two outer boxes, which were nested into each other. It is factory sealed too. The third hundred sheet box was properly boxed, with the smallest going in the middle-sized, flipped, and inserted into the larger.

I doubt this would fog the film in the slightest, since Ilford puts the film in dark plastic sleeves and the box is tightly sealed. But still it points to lack of quality control that I find troubling. Any Ilford rep contact info out there (for New York State)? I could at least cure them in that there is film out there in less than ideal packaging.

But Grrr, it should be and obvious check at the factory.

Oren Grad
10-Jun-2007, 22:47
Frank, I'm not sure who's the official quality control contact, but you might try Rod Parsons (VP technical applications for USA), rod.parsons@harmantechnology.com or 1-888-372-2338, or Eric Luden (VP marketing for USA), eric.luden@harmantechnology.com. Also, stop by APUG and PM Simon Galley, who is a member of the Harman senior management team and regularly fields queries about QC issues.

11-Jun-2007, 00:06
Where did you buy it ?

Frank Petronio
11-Jun-2007, 04:55
my lab ordered it directly

Brian Ellis
11-Jun-2007, 08:22
Shoddy QC is something I think we're going to see more and more as film sales decline and the remaining companies squeeze costs.

tim atherton
11-Jun-2007, 08:43
i never got a satisfactory response from my harman/ilford rep about the scratched film with fingerprints on it that i mentioned a while back

and i got enough emails to suggest that ilford certainly seems to be having some regular but unacknowledged quality control problems

Pete Watkins
11-Jun-2007, 11:12
I ain't saying anything, every time I critisise Ilford loads of people appear and slag me off. I suspect that the name Simon Galley is a name of convenience not a real person.
Good luck anyway.

11-Jun-2007, 18:28
I recently was duped (by a Calumet brochure sales ad) into buying some of that new fangled warm tone inkjet paper, which I absolutely abhor. When I placed a call to complain about its dubious quality, the rep (in Canada!) was kind enought to send me, gratis, two full additional boxes of the stuff, at absolutely no charge. Still don't like the product, haven't opened the paper, but cannot question the customer service. Excellent.

Barry Wilkinson
12-Jun-2007, 02:50
I suspect that the name Simon Galley is a name of convenience not a real person.

There was a guy with a badge hanging round his neck at this years Focus-on-Imaging with the name Simon Galley. I shall be meeting him at Ilford for the factory visit this Friday. ;)


Pete Watkins
12-Jun-2007, 10:29
Barry, I'd ask to see the birth certificate. As I told the idiot from VOSA, who thought that he was going to inspect my van, anybody can knock one of those ID badges out on a home computer.
Don't take life too seriously.