View Full Version : Suggestions for Barcelona, Girona, Dordogne

Peter Lewin
10-Jun-2007, 16:13
Will be visiting the North East corner of Spain & South West corner of France this summer, taking 4x5. Wondered if anyone had any experience in these areas, or useful suggestions. Sandy King said that with the heat and sun, I should try to do a lot of indoor photography, that many public buildings and churches in Spain permitted the use of tripods. Again, anyone have any experience along these lines? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Greg Lockrey
10-Jun-2007, 18:52
I haven't been in that area since 1978, but Barcelona has a lot of very unique architecture called "Flamboyant" that is very interesting. The town is very walkable as I recall. I've been in the south of France also, but not in those towns. The whole area is used to photogs with tripods. Tripods are sometimes permitted in churches , but you have to get permission. Some of them watch their copywrites with vigor.

15-Jun-2007, 16:45
Sandy was right, tripods are (or were three years ago) permitted in many churches and the light is quite harsh during the day. On the other hand it is quite busy town and most of the interesting chrches will be crowded. Barcelona has plenty of wonderful medieval architecture. Also, do not miss museums.
Girona is quite awsom. Also - plenty of medieval architecture.
Apart of Barcelona and Girona we took two car trips - along the coast. One of the cool places on the coast is Empuries. There is ancient Greek settelment and next to it Roman.The second trip we took was to the Pyrenees. There is a number of small remote villages in the mountains and many wonderfull romanesque churches.