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10-Jun-2007, 12:49
Hello everybody, this seems like a tight enough community that introductions are important, so here I go.

My name is Dan. I am 24 years old and fix computers for a living (worst job ever) I primarily shoot on an olympus om1 and love film to death. I've always found large format interesting but shied away as they were intimidating. Now that film is almost dead, I figured it was now or never so I picked up a crown graphic and here I am for the random snippets of advice I am sure I will be begging for in the near future. See you around the forums!

Walter Calahan
10-Jun-2007, 14:24
Welcome from the south. I've enjoyed every chance I get to photograph in Canada.

Ron Marshall
10-Jun-2007, 20:23
Welcome to large format. Where are you from in Canada?

Ralph Barker
10-Jun-2007, 20:33
Welcome to both LF and the forum, Dan.

Uri Kolet
10-Jun-2007, 21:31
Welcome from Vancouver, Dan; glad to have you here, Regards, Uri

10-Jun-2007, 22:35
Welcome Dan! I love 'tight community'. It reminded me of a comment often made by 2 homophobic Caribbean males to describe their friendship, "We tight, but we doh jam-up". Ya, well, welcome anyway. ;)

John Kasaian
11-Jun-2007, 06:58
Welcome aboard! Film Lives!

11-Jun-2007, 09:11
I hail from a black hole east of Toronto named Peterborough in Ontario. I can't tell you how relieved I am to find such a bustling community of film lovers. by the looks of things, I am the youngest and most inexperienced person here, so naturally I have the most to gain from this forum, heh :)

11-Jun-2007, 09:34
Welcome Dan to an awesome forum and to the world of LF. You have found the best resource for LF information on the internet. There are a lot of talented individuals here who are more than willing to pass along their knowledge.

It is indeed a small world. My wife is from Peterborough and both of us attended Trent University for our undergraduate work, then on to Queens U for grad work. My first job after graduating from Queens was with Ray March back at Trent. He got me hooked on Mass Spectrometry and life has never been the same.....did a lot of bird photography when I was living in Peterborough, not so much landscape. However, the few times I went out for landscape work, the Petroglyphs were a terrific area (but I was always distracted by those Gray Jays). I'm new to LF as well and was hoping to re-visit the Petroglyphs this fall with a new perspective. If your interested, send me your coordinates and the next time I'm down that way visiting the in-laws we could hook up for a shoot.



Andrew O'Neill
11-Jun-2007, 21:39
Now that film is almost dead,

oooh, don't say that. Them's fightin' words. Choices of film are better than ever.
Welcome! from a fellow Canuck.

12-Jun-2007, 05:22
Ah, film is long from dead. Hence the re-introduction of Velvia 50 from Fuji and SFX from Ilford. If there was no market demand, there would be no reason to bring these films back. My belief is that the market has settled down and at the end of the day there is still a viable and profitable market for film (at least this is what I keep telling myself after dropping a bundle on LF:eek: )

12-Jun-2007, 18:26
WOW! talk about great news! if my presupposed child were able to appreciate a mechanical slr, I would be the happiest dad ever!


It may be a smaller world yet; I have a pseudo-friend who does mass spectrometry in a lab in peterborough. On the prospect of meeting up and finding great things to adhere to film, that is an offer I can't refuse! Two thruths to state first. I am the shiest of the shy, the poster child of social anxiety, so I apologize in advance. Second, I love my camera more then a sane man should, and if you make fun of her,
you will see a grown man cry. Next time you are heading this way, you can get a hold of me at pinkmoon AT cogeco DOT ca.

jim kitchen
12-Jun-2007, 22:20
Welcome aboard...

A fellow Canadian. :)

jim k