View Full Version : Carbon Tripod

Trevor Crone
27-Jun-2000, 15:44
I'm thinking of getting a Begon/Manfrotto Carbon One tripod for use with a light 4x5 field camera with nothing longer then a 135 lens and will appreciate any ad vice surgestions as to it's suitability. Many thanks, Trevor.

Scott Bacon
27-Jun-2000, 17:03
I looked at the Bogen/Manfrotto 3444 Carbon Fiber when purchasing a new tripod a couple months ago. I also looked at the Gitzo G1228. I wanted the 4 section tripod because of backpacking considerations - they fold smaller/shorter. I was able to compare the 2 tripods, side by side in a local store with my Wista DX II Field camera. I forked out the extra money for the Gitzo. It is VERY solid and I have been very happy with my choice. I would recommend the G1228 if you can spend the extra money. If not, the Bogen 3444 is a pretty close second (and I liked the bubble level feature).

Patrick Raymore
27-Jun-2000, 21:49
I considered the Gitzo CF1329 carbon fiber, which is equivalent to the G320 (metal) that I already own, but the CF1329 has one flaw that is yet to be fixed. The fatal flaw (in my estimate) is rubber tipped feet. My G320 comes in either spiked or hard plastic tipped feet. What brilliant engineer came up with the idea of rubber tipped for the CF 1329? Maybe this same engineer is hard at work on a rubber central column. I hope that Gitzo will soon have the option of spike or hard tipped feet.