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8-Jun-2007, 15:56
i dont knwo if anyone has started this thread or not, bus has anyone come across D.O. Industri and can tell me wht ther like, ive just bought a 150mm 5.6 Industri lens with a copal 0 shutter as i can afford anything like a zeiss or roddenstock. can anywone give some feedback on what there like


John Kasaian
8-Jun-2007, 16:49
IIRC some AOC Goerz Dagors were sold under the D.O. Industries moniker. It could be rumor or it could be true. Thats all I know about 'em.

CP Goerz
8-Jun-2007, 16:51
The DO Industry lenses as far as I know were made by Fujinon, the DO folk imported them or were importers. I've also seen 90mm F8 WA lenses too though most tend to be Tessar types the aperture suggests a plasmat.

CP Goerz

Mike Davis
8-Jun-2007, 16:52
Shoot it and tell us what you think. Maybe post some shots somewhere. I know nothing about them. But I do know that you don't need the latest greatest multicoated lens to make good photos.


Oren Grad
8-Jun-2007, 16:53
I think D.O. Industries was the last (only?) official importer of Fujinon LF lenses in the United States. I wonder whether they ever sold them under private label.

Ted Harris
8-Jun-2007, 17:05
To add to waht Oren said, they are still around under a different name and still family owned. I reall some 5+ years ago Kerry and I talked about whether or not they ever private labeled Fujinon lenses and my memory is that we had no info one way or another. I also recall that he contacted oneof the owners (I thinkthe company is now called Industar or something like that) .... my memory is foggy on the details and perhaps Kerry can chime in with more details and a clearer memory.

11-Jun-2007, 14:41
i've just tried this lens out and i'm very impressed. its incredibly clear and very silent. expect a scan up soon

John Kasaian
11-Jun-2007, 18:58
Ahhh, my apologies! I was thinking of the Kenro K!

Glenn Thoreson
12-Jun-2007, 17:23
D.O. Industries is the descendant of Elgeet, a high quality lens maker of old. They supply a lot of lenses to the scientific community and NASA, among others. Not very well known in the general photographic community, they can be had for very little money. I use them for enlarging, too. The 150 lens should make a fine 4X5 camera lens. I have one. I'll have to stick it on a Speed Graphic and give it a try.