View Full Version : Super-Angulon XL 72/5.6 on a Fotoman 4x5

Marco Annaratone
8-Jun-2007, 13:27
This is the last lens I have left after exiting the 4x5 and I am wondering if I could use it on a Fotoman 4x5 as a point-and-shoot on steroids. Note that:

1. I would use the camera _only_ hand-held.
2. I want to use it at f/5.6 or f/8

This lens has a huge circle and it may sound bizarre to put it on a Fotoman 4x5, but keep in mind that I would plan to use it at f/5.6 - f/8

Has someone used this lens wide open or whereabouts? Is the quality of the image so poor at f/5.6 as the MTF curves would seem to imply?

P.S. I have the centerfilter already, btw.


9-Jun-2007, 11:38
| have used my 90mm super angulon 5.6 wide open many times and it was fine. Handheld, on tripod whenever.

It will be fine. Maybe not at ultimately critical stuff. Although everyday usage with reasonable print sizing no problems.

Fp4 I think. on tripod 1 tungsten head. SA 90mm @ 5.6


Ted Harris
9-Jun-2007, 12:27
I haven't used the 72xl but I do routinely use the Grandagon 75 lens handheld for grabshots and street shooting with polaroid T55 and find it to be my favorite lens with the Fotoman .... I have 58-75-135 cones.