View Full Version : Can the front lens from a Kodak 250mm Wide Field be removed?

William Leviit
15-Sep-2000, 03:04
I recently acquired a Kodak 250mm Wide Field lens, mounted in an Ilex #5 shutter. The rear element can easily be unscrewed for cleaning, but the front element is either screwed on so tight that it doesn't budge, or is permanantly mounted in the shutter at the time of construction. Has anybody been able to remove their front element?

Bill Jefferson
15-Sep-2000, 06:26
Hi Bill,

Your front cell might be tight, try using a non slip gripper and try to unscrew the cell and hold constant pressure as long as you can, this might free the cell with no risk of damage


Sergio Ortega
15-Sep-2000, 06:59

I tried removing the front element from the shutter body once. It took so much effort that I finally gave up, fearing I would surely damage something. Perhaps S. Grimes can answer your question. Sergio.

William Leviit
15-Sep-2000, 07:06
It's REALLY that tight! I think I'll send Mr. Grimes an email. Good idea, thanks.

Doug Paramore
15-Sep-2000, 08:29
William: I have removed stuck front cells by cutting an old leather belt long enough to wrap once around the cell and then using a radiator hose clamp tightened gently around the padded cell. Tighten only enough to grip the cell. The hose clamp gives you lots of leverage.

Regards, Doug.

Bill Jefferson
15-Sep-2000, 08:42
Hi all,

what Doug made up is a strap wrench, which i hesitated in recomending, as it might put too much pressure on the cell and damage it. If it works, Great


William Leviit
15-Sep-2000, 12:04
I received an answer from Mr. Grimes concerning the removal of the front element. Here it is: "From: "S.K. Grimes" <skgrimes@skgrimes.com> To: "Light-Zone" <Light-Zone@operamail.com> Subject: Re: Font element /250mm Kktar WF Lens Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 08:59:37 -0400 X-Priority: 3

Thanks for the inquiry -- This element group should unscrew from the front of the shutter like the back one. Sometimes they are very tight. I should be able to remove it without damage to the lens or shutter. You may send it along but be advised that I will be out of the shop till Oct 7, Staff will be here to handle shipping/receiving, etc. SKG

Unfortunatly he's not about to give away any trade secrets as to the actual removal, but it SHOULD come off, one way or another.

What about using an oil filter wrench.... very carefully of course?