View Full Version : hi, from malaysia

7-Jun-2007, 08:40
first time here.

has been using the large format for the past 10 years but that was limited to indoor only. a cambo monorail.

will be getting a shen hao soon. and venture to the outside world with a large format camera.

nice to meet you guys over here

Ron Marshall
7-Jun-2007, 09:19
Welcome the forum Ifer. I have never visited Malaysia but from photos I have seen there looks to be lots of beautiful landscape to photograph.

Good luck with the new Shen Hao!

George Kara
7-Jun-2007, 21:14
Hello ifer. I look forward to seeing your work.

8-Jun-2007, 06:27
Welcome you will like it here. Please post your work, it is always interesting seeing someone's backyard.


Ralph Barker
8-Jun-2007, 06:57
Welcome to the LFPF, Ifer.

10-Jun-2007, 21:01
thanks alot guys.
just received my shen hao and i am in the process of finding a lens for this new born baby of mine. hehee!

i have been using my uni's cambo monorail for quite some times now.

dominikus bw
10-Jun-2007, 21:09
Hi Ifer...
I'm just 2 hours flight from you, I'm in Indonesia
welcome to forum
Is there a lot of LF stuff in Malaysia? There is only few in Indonesia.

Uri Kolet
10-Jun-2007, 21:29
Welcome from Vancouver in the Canadian Rockies; this is a fun neighbourhood,
Regards, Uri

12-Jun-2007, 05:02
it's as bad as singapore.
there was a half year time where i cant find a box of 4x5 films in malaysia...
lasted until a month ago