View Full Version : Rodenstock Imagon diapgragm pletes

Pete Kiefer
16-Sep-2000, 11:14
I have acquired an older Rodenstock 250mm Imagon in a compound shutter. The dia phragm plates, or whatever they are called (those clip on things with all the pe riphery holes) are missing. Does anyone out there have a picture of a set (or a pix of yours via a scanner) so I can make a set.

I would be most grateful for the help

Pete kiefer

Bob Salomon
16-Sep-2000, 14:40
We stock the replacement disks (set of 3) as well as the filter and the hood.

Making them is not simple.

There are 3 disks each with a different size center hole and periiphery holes. The disk consists of 2 pieces that rotate to control the amount of light entering the periphery holes.

The size of the holes are specific to the focal length of the lens.

While disks from the 200 and 300mm lenses are the same physical size the hole sizes are different (the 300 has only 2 disks in Copal 3 shutter).

If you need information on replacement componants in the U.S. you can call us at 800 735-4373.

Unfortunately we will be leaving for Photokina on Mon. afternoon so if you can't call Mon. morning we will not be able to answer questions till 10/2 when we return.