View Full Version : the best place for shooting in china

6-Jun-2007, 22:08
Hello, everyone here and I am new here, I am from Guilin reputed as the best landscape under heaven, It is a dream place for many tourists who want to see the real natural landscape and touch the countryside life.

Hilltops pop up from nowhere like trees in the forest and they are shaped like buns, camels, fishes, saw-teeth, horses, etc. It is a city you must visit or you will miss those beautiful landscape there. Rivers flow around like green silk ribbons while the hills reveal themselves as jade hair-pins. Guilin (http://www.guilinprivatetours.com) embraces great landscapes like green hills, clear waters, pretty rocks and fantastic caves.

You are welcome to my hometown for shooting if you have any qestions please contact at me (http://www.guilinprivatetours.com/main/home/htm.php?nowmenuid=9).