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Hugo Zhang
5-Jun-2007, 21:12
One of my favorite portrait lenses. I know many beautiful pictures have been made with Heliars by people here. So I will start with my latest snapshot with a 36cm Heliar with a Kodak 2D.

Jan Pedersen
5-Jun-2007, 22:01
Very nice Hugo.
Here's a couple taken with a 210 3.5 Heliar also on a 2D 5x7

Tri Tran
5-Jun-2007, 22:34
Heliar..Heliar...Sign. Hugo , you're mean. I want to see the Universal please. Nice lens indeed.TT

Jim Galli
6-Jun-2007, 12:14
lily #2
42 cm Voigtländer Heliar @ f8

Hugo Zhang
6-Jun-2007, 12:18
Very nice, Jan and Jim. I see my 42cm Heliar has been neglected.

David A. Goldfarb
6-Jun-2007, 13:37

36cm around f:4.5 or 5.6 on 8x10"

Jan Pedersen
6-Jun-2007, 17:36
Beautiful David and Jim.
Sold a 30cm for to little a couple of months before i got a camera it would have been perfect fore.
Still kicking myself

6-Jun-2007, 21:36
wow, great pics, lovely OOF, thanks for sharing

Hugo Zhang
15-Jun-2007, 22:15
42cm Heliar wide open at f4.5.

Ken Lee
16-Jun-2007, 03:36
150mm Braunschweig Heliar f/4.5

Colin Graham
16-Jun-2007, 11:49
Beautiful David, very nice.