View Full Version : A dusting of snow at Tioga Pass...

John Kasaian
5-Jun-2007, 17:58
...I see they got!:D

Darren Kruger
6-Jun-2007, 10:54
And other people can look at pictures at this webcam (http://meteora.ucsd.edu/cap/tioga/tioga_current.jpg). (older pics can be found here (http://meteora.ucsd.edu/cap/tioga_pix.html).)

CP Goerz
6-Jun-2007, 17:38
Which means that the park service or BLM will be RACING there to close the gates so no-one can drive into Yosemite from the good side!

CP Goerz

Jon Shiu
6-Jun-2007, 22:01
Was up at Tuolumne Meadows today and it was nice to see the snow and storm clouds on the mountains. It was snowing lower down also such as at Tenaya Lake and at White Wolf, but also quite sunny there. The day before it had snowed for 4 hours at Tioga Pass (w/out any closures), and the valley had quite dramatic storm clouds blowing through, and some beautiful thick fog and light rain on Hwy 41 in the park.


12-Jun-2007, 16:31

Late spring June Sierra snow storms are not at all uncommon. Ground temps from warm spring days are usually high enough that whatever precip comes down quickly melts away.

I backpacked into Desolation Wilderness west of Lake Tahoe last Wednesday while there were snow showers most of the day on the backside of that trough. A few inches of whiteness had already come down before I started my trip. Probably about an inch fell during my several hour hike in with temps near the freezing level though by late afternoon skies began to clear. The warm ground melted the snow back quickly in many spots though it lasted a day or two on shady vegetation and in shadows. Temperature on Thursday at dawn where I camped near 8000 feet elevation was a wintery 20F degrees. By late morning Thursday temps warmed into the low 50s with the new snow melted back to the point it added little to any landscapes. I'll be looking at 28 each 4x5 Provia transparencies from the trip in a couple days. ...David