View Full Version : New Ebony w/ loose detent?

5-Jun-2007, 15:38
I received my first 4x5 today, an Ebony RW45 from badgergraphic. Overal fit and finish is excellent and all works as described, except the rear tilt zero detent. In comparison to the other zero detents it has a significant amount of play when "zeroed." Looking close from the side, it appears the hole the little ball pops into is slightly bigger than the ball. Might this be endemic to the model, or just a specific QC issue with the particular item I was shipped? From what I have read, Ebony is generally praised for their precision...

Eric James
5-Jun-2007, 17:29
I've owned two RW45Es and can state that there is some variation from camera to camera. This comes as no surprise given the manner of their construction.

The zero detent for rear tilt on my both of the RW45s I owned had a little play (wobble) when not locked down, but there was/is absolutely no play when the knobs are locked tight in the zero position.

5-Jun-2007, 17:58
Yes, the rear locks solid when tightened down. Probably would not have thought much of the discrepancy except that all other detents are absolutely play free when untightened. just curious if its worth trying to return for another one, or if the chances are just as great that it will happen on others. Sounds like from your experience that many do have a little play in the rear. Thanks.

brad martin
5-Jun-2007, 22:53
I have the RW Mahogany version. On my camera the rear tilt actually pops back into place. Once in the zero detent position there is the slightest play before being locked down but nothing that would cause me to even think about it. You noticed it and used the word "significant". Might be worth sending it back for another one.

Rakesh Malik
6-Jun-2007, 07:20
My guess is that as long as it's solid when you lock it down, the play in the detent won't interfere with your photography. I would suggest trying it out, and if it gets on your nerves, get in touch with Badger and find out what they recommend.

Doremus Scudder
7-Jun-2007, 02:08
It might be a blessing in disguise (or intentional on the part of Ebony). I have had cameras on which the detents were so strong that very small adjustments were very difficult, as the detent would pull the standard back to the zero position. Try some tiny movements and see how the camera handles.


Doremus Scudder

7-Jun-2007, 02:56
'loose' detentes allow you to introduce very small amounts of tilt. Aggressive ones committ you to either (in some cases) too much or none at all. This can be infuriating.

I would say that a long as you are able to identify when the camera is zeroed, it is enough. At least you wont fight that detente for a small amount of very possibly essential tilt! As I say, as lnog as you know where zero is....


evan clarke
7-Jun-2007, 03:34
The elvels on my Ebonies are very accurate and you may trust them to get the back square to the world. Once the back is straight, every thing else is relative to the back and visually adjusted. My friend had a TOYO vx125 which had extremely strong detents front and back and was almost unuseable. As long as it locks down, you are probably fortunate..EC

7-Jun-2007, 10:10
Thanks everyone for putting my curiosity to rest. I am still trying to get my bearings in LF so having access to the knowledge base in these forums is a lifesaver. From what I have heard, I don't think the camera is out of the acceptable range of function. It is still a pleasure to work with. I guess thats all that really counts.

evan clarke
7-Jun-2007, 11:25
Jeez, I'm getting too old. "elvels"!! Levels..Sorry..EC