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kevin kelly
5-Jun-2007, 08:43
Hello, I purchased a Tele Arton 270mm (Linhof selected) on a lensboard recently. At first I presumed it was a Linhof lensboard, not having any knowledge of them. But with a bit of research it would seem its not?
The lens has linhof and technika enagraved on it and is dated from 1957. Its set in a compur 2 shutter, hole size 50mm. The lensboard is 101x101mm square and approx3.5mm deep. There are no markings or Linhof shield on it.
Does anybody know the identity of this lensboard? Is it a Linhof?


5-Jun-2007, 09:32
Sounds like a 4"x4" board. Quite a few cameras used that IIRC.

Linhof would be 96mmx98mm.

Glenn Thoreson
5-Jun-2007, 12:00
Without a picture of the front and rear, it's hard to say. What is the board made of? Many cameras used this size board.

kevin kelly
5-Jun-2007, 13:59
The rear of the lensboard has a step approx 6mm wide and 1 mm maybe 1.5mm deep, 62mm diameter from the centre of the lensboard.
This allows the mounting ring fit flush with the lensboard. The mounting ring is 75mm in diameter it has a lips on the inside screw both sides front and rear. The lip on the lensboard side is 1.5mm deep and the internal diameter is 52.5mm
When the mounting ring is placed on the rear of the lensboard it fits flush with the lensboard wich is approx 2mm thick.
Hope you can make some sense of my description. I'm not to hot on the technicals!
Will post pics.

Ole Tjugen
5-Jun-2007, 14:27
It certainly doesn't seem like a Technika lensboard - not even a Technika III board.

5-Jun-2007, 14:33
Just sounds like the rear is recessed for the retaining ring. Likely too thick otherwise. The hole size just tells you what shutter was mounted in it before. A #3?

I bet it's a common 4x4 board.

kevin kelly
5-Jun-2007, 14:47
Here are the pics.Apologies for the quality of them.

Bernard Kaye
6-Jun-2007, 16:31
Using a magnet, are they steel or iron, (ferrous) or aluminum?

kevin kelly
7-Jun-2007, 06:30
I've tried it with a magnet and its non ferrous. I presume its aluminium.