View Full Version : Lens to pair with 135 on Graphic

Ray G. Bright
25-Jun-2000, 18:00
Recently I purchased a Crown Graphic camera to test the waters in large format p hotography. So far I have enjoyed using this larger format. My next step is to purchase other lens to go with the 135 mm lens that came with the camera. What lens would you recommend that I purchase? What ever I purchase, I will do so w ith the thought of eventually replacing the Crown Graphic with a newer more vers atile camera. I do not want, necessarily, the high or low end models. I want a lens that will produce a quality image.

Your recommendations are appreciated.


Ray Bright

25-Jun-2000, 18:51
If you tend to need wider angle, as for architecure, a 90mm Super Angulon f:8, or 100mm Wide Field Kodak Ektar. For portraits, still- life, etc, the 203mm f:7.7 Ektar is one of the world's great lenses and probably it's best bargain. Ain't the Crown/135 a great team!

Paul Schilliger
26-Jun-2000, 07:51
Short: 90 mm f8 (S-A. , Nikkor SW, Fujinon, Rodenstock 6,8) for exteriors only o r 90 f5,6 if for interiors too. Long: 210 mm (Nikkor W, Xenar, G-Claron, Apo-Ronar) or 200 Nikkor M

Trevor Crone
26-Jun-2000, 15:46
Ray for a companion lens to your 135mm I would go for 75mm (Rodenstock, Schniede r, Nikon). This is an excellent wide angle (approx. to a 24mm on 35). Rodenstock 's f4.5 allows a fair amount of movement in 45. Is also a useful lens in 6x9cm a nd 6x12cm should you ever wish to use these formats. This focal length from the big three produces superb results. Regards, Trevor.

Bruce Gavin
26-Jun-2000, 16:13
I own several Crown Graphics and can testify that a 75mm wide angle works well on this camera. Mine is the Nikkor-SW 75mm and is equivalent to a 22mm wide angle on the 35mm format. On the long- normal side, 210mm is as long as you can go and still retain rangefinder calibration. I have used my Nikkor-M 300mm on the Crown at infinity, but it requires the entire bellows draw. You will not be able to focus portrait distances on the Crown with the 300mm lens.

If range finder coupling is not important, the longest lens I would recommend for the Crown is the 240mm Apo-Ronar or Fuji-A. The AR is far sharper than the others, and still uses at Copal #1 shutter and 49mm filter thread. Cost is the disadvantage.. the Apo-Ronar ain't cheap.

The Fuji-A 240mm is another choice. Both the Fuji and Apo Ronars are small enough to fold up inside the camera. The Nikkor, Schneider, Rodenstock 210mm lenses are all too large. The Fuji 240-A is reputed to also have excellent optical performance.

I run a Nikkor 135-W and an Apo-Sironar-S 210mm, each on a dedicated Crown body to retain rangefinder coupling. My 210mm is too large to fold up within the camera. I did not go with a 240mm Apo-Ronar because it is too close to my 300mm Apo Ronar.

If your Crown has the Kalart side mounted rangefinder, it can be readily calibrated to a longer lens. Calibration takes about an hour to perform. Having a second body is faster and less hassle than swapping range finder cams or recalibrating. The top mounted range finders require specific cams, which can be difficult or impossible to locate.

There are tricks that can be played with the rangefinder to use it with different lenses under specific circumstances.