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bruce james
5-Jun-2007, 01:16

What is the difference between T-MAX 100 Professional and
Professional T-MAX 100. Kodak gives different developing times
for these in their RS Developer data sheets but I can't find
and sellers of this film that make a distinction between them.
The differences in development time are quite large especially for
sheet film.

5-Jun-2007, 05:23
The change came about when Kodak moved the production of B&W films to their new coating facility (a few years ago now). So, no real film difference, just the coating, which did affect the developing time.

bruce james
5-Jun-2007, 09:39
Thanks for the info.
So is it the Professional T-Max 100 that Kodak are making now?


Oren Grad
5-Jun-2007, 10:16
Bruce -

Yes, it is. Also, Kodak designates the new film as "100TMax" rather than "TMax 100". The Kodak tech data publication F-4016, which you can download from the Kodak website, includes pictures of the old and new packaging so you can easily tell the difference.

6-Jun-2007, 13:18
Quick link: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/f4016/f4016.pdf

bruce james
6-Jun-2007, 16:35